Monday, January 26, 2009

Panel of the Week - The Scarlet Bowl

More than 25 years before the first Super Bowl was played, our gal Scarlet found herself penalized for illegal interference in a very painful way! Her motivation was just however, as a group of thugs had decided to use some unfair tactics against their opponents in order to win some charity prize money. As always, Scarlet took her lumps but got the job done. With only the noblest of intentions, Scarlet "participated" in nearly every popular male sport of the times - baseball, football, boxing, and even horse racing. She may not have been built like an athlete, but she gave 110% every time she stepped out on the field. Even though no one ever saw her play, she's still our MVP!


On another note, this week's panels were taken from a strip dated 12-7-1940, exactly one year before the "Day of Infamy" and the attack on Pearl Harbor. A reminder that you never know what the future holds, so whatever the score may be, we hope you enjoy this weekend's festivities!

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