Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Message from Russell Stamm Jr.

When my father, Russell A. Stamm, Sr., was a little boy he had dreams of becoming a syndicated cartoonist. He was constantly doodling cartoon characters on every piece of paper that he came across. He had a true talent for a unique and creative approach to his characters, themes, and drawings.

In 1935, when he went to work as an assistant for Chester Gould drawing Dick Tracy, his boyhood dream started to become a reality.

By the time I was born in 1946 my father was a well known syndicated cartoonist and his feature character, Scarlet O’Neil, was already six years old. I was fortunate to watch my father at work while I was growing up, and see the dedication, energy, and love he had for his career.

It is in his honor that I present Scarlet O’Neil as she was then, and what she will be from this day forward. I hope you will enjoy seeing a great deal of his original art and my interpretation of what Scarlet is today.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back into View

Welcome to the Official Invisible Scarlet O'Neil Blog!

"Comic's First Leading Lady with Superpowers!"

Created by Russell Stamm in 1940, Scarlet is an adventure-loving private detective, who besides possessing both brains and beauty, has the ability to cloak herself in invisibility whenever she desires. Scarlet graced the funny pages of the Chicago Daily Sun-Times and other syndicate newspapers for 15 years and appeared in numerous books and comics, but nearly vanished for good in the mid '50's. Though she has not been published, she has not been forgotten. After over 50 years of being unseen, Russell Stamm Jr. feels it is time to make Scarlet visible once again!

Be sure to check this space for reviews of past Scarlet stories as well as the latest information on new ones!

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