Monday, February 25, 2008

Panel of the Week - Sweet Home Chicago

We begin this feature with one of my favorites of early Stamm's work. Originally published on June 6, 1940, this panel of Scarlet looking outside her apartment in Chicago is a prime example of the incredible detail Russell Stamm put into his early strips. You can definitely see the influence working with Chester Gould had on his work. This panel also shows our heroine ready to take action when someone is in need.

I left my heart in San Francisco and Chattanooga!

Thanks to everyone we met at Wonder Con and Con Nooga this past weekend! Everyone was so nice and it was fantastic to see so much interest in Invisible Scarlet. We had a great time, sold some Untold Origins books, and distributed hundreds of promotional postcards. We are getting the word out that Scarlet is back and it looks like y'all are happy to see her again!

In case you missed us, these conventions are the first of many scheduled for this year. We look forward to meeting past fans and making new ones. Hope to see you at a show!