Monday, May 12, 2008

Panel of the Week - The Perfect Plan

This week's panel is from September 26, 1946 and illustrates a plan to murder cartoonist Stussell Ramm, the creator of the popular comic character "Crimson O'Dare." The girlfriend of Ramm's assistant means to do away with him using the device above. "The end of the trigger passes through a hole made by shooting pane with BB shot. Closing the window pulls the string and the gun is fired. The blast parts string passing over end of barrel and shatters window. All attachments being freed, the entire mechanism is pulled aloft by the balloon which is carried out over Lake Michigan by the south wind...and rises until it bursts. Of course the sawed-off shotgun is a deadly weapon and kills the person who shut the window. Stussell's shot gun which was fired the night before will be left on the fire escape to mislead police." Sounds like Eve thought of everything... everything except being caught by an invisible gal!

Monday, May 5, 2008

NYCC 2008

I think I've finally started to recover from this year's NYCC! The Big Apple really knows how to show someone a good time! This year's NYCC was fantastic and I had a great time promoting The Untold Origins of Invisible Scarlet O'Neil. I'm very proud to say we sold a fair number of books and gave away all our promo cards. I also spoke with a number of folks who stopped by and couldn't take their eyes off the cover image of Russell Stamm's signature character! Many fanboys love to challenge the idea that Scarlet is the first leading lady with superpowers to appear in comic form, so it makes for some interesting discussions. I'm just so glad to see the character getting attention and there is some great news to come!

However, I was not alone in the booth! Others included a couple of "old friends" - Kathy Messick who is still hard at work promoting Cyber Angels. A great concept and I am amazed that some company hasn't signed her to develop it as a series yet. Also in attendance was Scott Ham of Buckeye Comics, creator of Blood Sentence. Scott's got some great ideas for other horror titles and I'm looking forward to his next project which takes place in the Old West and WWII.

This year we also had a newbie in the booth, Terrance Bernard who was there to introduce the world to Sophia: Awakening and 8-part comic series that takes place in the distant future. The preview book and promo cards and posters did attract quite a lot of attention, thanks in no small part to the gorgeous artwork by Andres Guinaldo! I strongly recommend checking out a preview of the first issue at Parasite Publishing.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Rafeal Navarro, the artist who sent us a very nice image of Scarlet to our MySpace page. I gave him a copy of "Untold Origins" for his effort and he honored us with another beautiful Scarlet sketch:
NYCC 2008 was a terrific show and I can't wait to do it again now that I'm rested up! Look out, Charlotte - you're next!