Monday, June 21, 2010

Comic Strip of the Week - The Kiss

Last week's comic strip featured one of many encounters Scarlet had with children. Some, such as Beansie, were mischievous and need to be taught a lesson. Others were poor and in need of help. However, one of her most popular featured a young boy named Hobble-De-Hoy. It is even documented in Crawford's Encyclopedia of Comic Books by Hubert H. Crawford.

"Perhaps the strangest episode - and one that rates as a Golden Age classic in creative fantasy - occurred when Scarlet discovered her invisible power was contagious. It began with a casual stroll down the street during an invisible state when a youth, coming the opposite direction, bumped into her and knocked himself silly. Thrown to the ground, the dumbfounded lad scratched his head and tried to figure out what had happened. As a gesture of apology, Scarlet kissed the boy on the cheek. Result: the boy became invisible!"

Here's that very strip from March 5, 1944.

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