Monday, March 29, 2010

Comic Strip of the Week - March Madness Week 4

The last entry into our Final Four of Scarlet's craziest villains is also our first femme fatale. In the last Sunday story arc of 1951, Russell Stamm never tells us the name of this fiery-tempered redhead, but that just adds to her disturbing nature. Talk about a bad date! Stan Tucker goes out on the town with this looker and decides to let her have the wheel. Bad move Stan. She mows down a pedestrian and totals the car. During the accident, her head lands on a doll which saves her from injury. She and her "lucky charm" run from the scene and poor Stan is wanted for murder. He hires Scarlet to prove his innocence and the story takes some odd twists and turns and does not end well for anyone involved.

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