Monday, May 12, 2008

Panel of the Week - The Perfect Plan

This week's panel is from September 26, 1946 and illustrates a plan to murder cartoonist Stussell Ramm, the creator of the popular comic character "Crimson O'Dare." The girlfriend of Ramm's assistant means to do away with him using the device above. "The end of the trigger passes through a hole made by shooting pane with BB shot. Closing the window pulls the string and the gun is fired. The blast parts string passing over end of barrel and shatters window. All attachments being freed, the entire mechanism is pulled aloft by the balloon which is carried out over Lake Michigan by the south wind...and rises until it bursts. Of course the sawed-off shotgun is a deadly weapon and kills the person who shut the window. Stussell's shot gun which was fired the night before will be left on the fire escape to mislead police." Sounds like Eve thought of everything... everything except being caught by an invisible gal!

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